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Re: Plant Fertilizer and a thank you!

>>I'm setting up my plant tank and is looking for a good fertilizer. I saw
both Tropica MasterGrow and Seachem's Flourish line of products available in
the market. Did anyone of you has experience using both two products and
which brand you think is better. If I stick with MasterGrow, there is only
one bottle of fertilizer to toy with. If I choose Flourish, that gives me at
least three different types to choose from (Flourish, Flourish Iron and
Flourish Excel). If I feed my plant with CO2 gas, do I still need the
Flourish Excel anyway?<<

I have used both Seachem Flourish and Mastergrow each having excellent
results. Although Seachem states Excel can be used along with injected CO2,
there is no real compelling reason to do so. It provides an organic form of
CO2 in simple terms, and provides a chelate that will make oxidized minerals
more readily available to plants, but other than that it provides no further

On a side note, if people can indulge me for a moment... I recently noticed
to my surprise that my WEB site has reached a milestone of sorts in large
part to the subscribers of this list. My site is now recieving on average
over 10,000 unique sessions or visitors per week from over 30 different
countries. A drop in the bucket for sites like Amazon or IBM, but it makes
little old me very happy! And other than the search engines, ACTWIN is the
largest reffering URL to my WEB site. Thanks very much to everyone who has
helped make the site what it is.

Robert Paul Hudson