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Re: Getting clear water

Carol asks "My plants are all doing fine-the algae is gone, the fish are 
happy. But I notice tiny particles floating in the water. Should I have 2 
filters in my tank?" When we had just our Eheim 2228 on our 135-gal, we 
went tried the Vortex diatom filter (tossed it out) and then added a Magnum 
350 canister with the micron cartridges. However, the frequent attention 
and bleaching needed to unclog the cartridges led me to try the Magnum 
(carbon) canister filled *entirely with floss* (plus the blue foam sleeve). 
It worked like a charm! Our water is crystal clear all the time. I clean 
the Magnum about every 6 weeks.

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Jared Weinberger
jared at brainyday_com