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Re: Plant Fertilizer

Patrick, as you said, Tropica MasterGrow is all in one. With Seachem's 
Flourish line (that I use) you can go with their all-in-one (regular) 
Flourish and/or adjust some individual or groups of elements (Flourish 
Trace, Potassium, and Iron). The doses can be adjusted by evaluating plant 
response by eye, or by using test kits to maintain specific nutrient 
levels. It depends on the amount of monitoring and tinkering you want to 
do.  Folks have had very good results with TMG and Flourish. Be patient and 
don't forget to provide your root-feeders with fertilizers in the substrate 
(e.g. Jobe's sticks, Flourish Tabs). In my experience Flourish Excel isn't 
necessary with pressurized CO2.


Jared Weinberger
jared at brainyday_com