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Stargrass seems to be melting ?

Hi everyone !

I just got some stargrass 3 weeks ago.  It looked pretty mangy in the tanks
where I got it from but I figured in my tank it would do well.  After three
weeks I have seen new more compact green growth but the bottom 2/3rds of the
plant seems to melt.  It starts with the leaves getting small lines across
them then gradually the leaf goes clear from the tip and rots, or breaks.

Ok I've though of maybe 3 things.  In the shop where I got them im fairly
sure the leaf form was emersed as now its in my tank the new leaves are a
lot narrower and more compact.  So maybe the rotting is just the old emersed
leaves dying back? Secondly its near my filter outlet. Maybe it doesnt like
the current so much ? 3rdly maybe its deficcient in something.  I add trace,
Kno3, and K2s04 to my tank every day and the light is 180W for 200litres
(50gal i think) and it has 3 2lt bottles of DIY CO2 goign into an eheim

Thanks everyone
Jon H

- Really stinking hot (38 degrees) in sunny fine Perth, Western Australia