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re: Plant Fertilizer

Hello Patrick,

I have been using Flourish and have never tried TMG.  Along with it I am
using Flourish Potassium & Excel.  Flourish provide all the neccessry
micro-nutrients.  However, I do not have any source of Potassium (K).  I
tried to find KNO3 or K2SO4 in my LFS and horiculture shops but failed to
find any.  (Maybe some Singaporean aquarist can tell me off the list where
I can get that.)

My plants were then having symptoms which seemed to me was K deficiency.
Then I have no choice and bought Flourish Potassium.  I added 1/4 of the
bottle to the tank (Ouch! That was expensive!) and the plants recovered.
Now I am adding Seachem Equilibrium to maintain the K concentration during
water changes, but it is also pushing my GH a little too high (13dGH).

I was using Flourish Excel too.  I kept to the high side of the recommended
dosage: 1ml per 40L daily.  It killed all my shrimps.  I have then reduced
it to 0.75ml per 40L every other day.

Hope my experience helps.

BC (Singapore)