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Re: stinky driftwood

>>>The wood stinks. I took 
it out & scrubbed as much of it as I could, but there's java fern growing on 
it, so I couldn't get in there, and also there are holes & crevices that I 
can't get into. How do I get it to stop smelling bad - is it BGA? <<<

Rachel, heres an idea that you may want to try or maybe you'll think its too 
Put it in your dishwasher(if you have one) without any soap on whatever is 
the highest setting. That will blast the heck out of and kill off most of the 
stinky stuff.
Of course you'll have to clean the dishwasher well afterwards. Just a 
thought, I've never done it cause I don't have a DW!
Lynn...retreating back to lurk status