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RE: MTS die off

Well looks like my entire colony of MTS are dead or dying.  At least one
dead AES today as well.  I'm going to do 15 gal water changes daily until
things stabilize.  Ironically, the plants have never been better.  I finally
have big full heads on my stargrass with at least 6 sets of perfect leaves.
Other stem plants are finally bushy instead of leggy as well.

I have discontinued using Excel, probably overkill with CO2 injection

I'm wondering about a slightly weird theory...  3 months ago we switched our
cat "Snicky" from Advantage to Revolution (selamectin).  Both these products
are once a month parasiticides.  This is a rather amazing chemical, able to
kill fleas and ticks for at least 30 days after a one spot application.  I
understand that the chemical migrates along the animals fur and remains
potent for a long time.  I pet Snicky daily (no choice really, she insists).
I wash my hands afterwards, but I also put them in the tank daily as well.
I wonder what a couple of ppm (ppb?) of this stuff would do to an aquarium?
Going to be real careful about this now.

Joe K.

A little rain finally today.  Howard T. Duckett (local reservoir) is showing
its bottom in places.  Don't want another drought this year.