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Plantex PMDD cheap trace mix

I've put it off long enough.
I'm going to give the Plantex trace mix a try. It's extremely cheap and at
the rate I use traces, I'm considering using this product much the same way
I've used Flourish and TMG. Flourish has a broad spectrum and this doesn't.
But Using the Flourish once a week or the Flourish trace once a week will
supply the traces needed in very small amounts.

I am going to use the Sears Conlin recipe as a yardstick since so many use
that already. I'd like to be able to compare the mixture to Flourish and TMG

Traces are about all there is for good control.
If you buy these, only the KNO3(which is the most readily available of all
of them) is something you'll buy more than once every decade. I'm finally
getting down to the last bit of a 10lb bag of K2SO4 I got 6 years ago and I
gave a lot away as well.

Soft water folks need baking soda for KH, and Ca and Mg for their GH.
Ca(NO3)2 has been suggested for Ca if you need both Ca and NO3. MgSO4 is
easy, cheap and dissolves fast. CaCl2 dissolves fast but has high Cl. I'm
trying to limit so much Cl. CaCO3 works but is slow. Very fine ground
aragonite(CaCO3) would work I suppose. I'm still a bit resistant to it.
Maybe it's just me:-).

I'll see how the "cheap traces" go. I think I have enough to make a 55
gallon drum of trace mix:)
Tom Barr