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The Wonderful Moss and the Magical Cattapa Leaf

>Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:20:43 -0700
>From: jmarella at attbi_com
>Subject: Loh's Wonderful Christmas Moss

>Loh is an exceptional person and the Christmas Moss is a delightful
>addition to my aquarium.Thanks again, Loh. You're among the finest
>human beings I know.

Awwww, thanks for saying that, JoAnn.  But I wish what you wrote
is true.  My wife and 2 daughters will laugh their heads off if I show
them what you wrote ;)

I'm just an ordinary guy with plenty of Christmas Moss and a bag of
Cattapa leaves.  The envelopes and stamps are ready.  All I need is
your email letting me know your mailing address and that you have
made a donation to the defense fund.  If you have already given to the
fund, I appeal to you to make another donation.  The defendants need
your help.  Please give generously.  If you make another donation,
feel free to write me for more moss.  Or ask me for the Cattapa leaves.
I may have exaggerated a bit about their medicinal properties but it is
true that the breeders in Singapore are fond of using the leaves inside
their breeding tanks.  Maybe you prefer the Narrow Leaf Java Ferns.  I
don't have much of them left but I promise I will try my best to find a
stem or two for you if you make a sizable donation.

Loh K L