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Thanks for the interest in this topic.

It may be difficult to measure the reagents in precise amounts, however,
some simple titration or colorimetric method may be possible for
I went through a textbook of pollution control methods (some American
textbook) , but all the test methods were based on spectrophotometry, which
is a costly instrument.
I hope some chemist on this list will help in this matter.

So far I have been running my tank without test kits, as the available E
MERK test kits are very costly, less sensitive and have short expiry.

So far there is not even a trace of algae in my planted tank.
Does that mean that my nitrates are down and should I increase the doss of
I am using 8 PMDD drops/day(My tank is 25 gallon with some amazon swords,
valisneria, cabomba-not heavily planted, vermiculite-clay 3 inches substrate
with some fertiliser tablets, 8hrs light period, biweekly 25% water change,
15 mollies-fish population, sparse feeding-twice a day, no CO2).
Further during regular water changes, is a loading dose of PMDD needed?

Are there any ancient markers for example like tank smell, fish behaviour,
etc. so as to ascertain high nitrate/ammonia levels?

Dr Athale,
Baroda, India.