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Re: Corys in a heavily planted tank?

Eric McGlohon:
"So I'm wondering if it's worth having corys or other bottom dwellers
in a planted tank, espically if most of the gravel is covered with
Anyone here have corys?  Loaches, etc?  What's your opinion/ experience?"

I have been keeping 3 leopard corys in my planted tank.  It was recommended
that I keep at least 5 of them as they are schooling fishes.  However, mine
are doing just fine with only 3 of them.
They are my favorite fish among all the fishes I have (Ottos, Neons,
Swordtails, Lampeyes).  They like to do "syncronise swimming" around the
tank.  It is very amusing to see them swim in line.  Sometimes they stack
on top of each other while resting on my carpet of Elatine(?).  Lovely
I think if you keep more of them they will appear more often.  They are
also good at digging out food that has settled to the bottom.

BC (Singapore)