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Rre: Corys in a heavily planted tank?

Eric wrote:

>I currently have 3 corys in my planted tank (I know this isin't
>enough - if I keep them I'll add more).  I never see them, they
>hide all the time.
>So I'm wondering if it's worth having corys or other bottom dwellers
>in a planted tank, espically if most of the gravel is covered with
>Just FYI, here's my tank specs:  35 custom cube, 2 (maybe 3?)

I have 3 albino corys in my 80 gal, they are fine; I have a very fine gravel
that is about 1-2 mm as the surface, with soil underneath.  They like
rummaging around in it; I have heard that with larger or sharp substrates,
their whiskers can get abraded etc.  Anyway, mine like to hang out under a
big ozelot I have, where the lileaopsis is not very thick, and in places
non-existent, but also forage happily in heavily planted parts of the tank,
shuffling through the leaves at ground level - in fact, they uproot stem
cuttings when first planted sometimes.

Mine don't hide; maybe the angels are harrassing them?  I have congo tetras,
cardinals and neons, and blue rams, plus a few oto cats.

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
Vancouver - still wet and cold!