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Re: MTS die off

Joe wrote:

>Over the last week I have had about a dozen MTS emerge from the gravel and
>stop moving.  While this sounds like death, their little trap doors still
>seem tightly sealed.  <snip>  The only recent changes that I think could be the
>culprit are 1)upping my dose of Flourish/Flourish Trace and 2) experimenting
>with 2 mlFlourish Excel daily.  I went from 2 mL Flourish twice a week, to 5 ml
>Flourish Trace daily plus 2 ml Flourish twice weekly.

Just maybe, it could be the Excel - after nixing Rachel's suggestion to me
that I was adding way too much Excel, I went back and reconsidered and
dropped the dosage quite a bit to see.... and guess what, hardly any more
dead snails.  Not conclusive, as I also added in Cuprasorb, as my water is
suspect re excess copper.  Could take the Cuprasorb out and see if the
deaths increase, I suppose!  Anyway, try dropping the Excel and see what

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
in rainy, cold Vancouver