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Online chat with Jeff Senske Wed. 9pm

There will be an online chat with Jeff Senske,
co-owner of Aquarium Design Group, tomorrow at 9pm
central on the taopa website.


Jeff has constructed numerous planted aquaria, some of
which can be see on the ADG website, as well as my own
website.  I think Jeff's work is as good as anyone in
the US.


To join in on the chat, you will need to subscribe to
the TAOPA email list, and also register with yahoo (to
get your yahoo ID).  This may take a few hours (to
wait for the yahoo ID to process), so if you are
interested in joining in on this I would recommend
doing this as soon as possible.  You may unsubscribe
from TAOPA at any time.


http://awaqua.com -- Amano AquaJournal Magazine

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