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riccia eating animals!

There have been several postings about using plastic needlepoint fabric to
secure riccia.  I was thinking of using it on the bottom and sewing tulle
netting on top to hold the riccia in.  My question is this.  How do you keep
animals from tearing it up?  I have found out the hard way that Florida Flag
Fish EAT riccia!! Obviously I could take them out of the tank.  The Amano
shrimp's don't seem to eat it but rip it out piece by piece.

I have seen pictures of gorgeous tanks with riccia. How are people
accomplishing this?  I have tried dumping in extra food for the shrimp, and
FFF, but there are a couple shrimp that think it is great fun to shred this
stuff anyway!  I can't put it out in the tank because they keep wrecking it
and it isn't horribly attractive hanging in the top of my tank in a breeder
basket.  It does create quite a display if you stick the CO2 return line in
the basket though...

According to the archives, FFF do in fact eat it and the Amano's may just be
hungry but I am feeding them every day.