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Christmas Moss/Wild Almond Leaves

Joanna wrote the other day:

>I have recently started a java moss wall in one tank and a "Kwek Leong"
>moss wall
>in another tank.  Needless to say, the latter is much nicer!

Pssst, Joanna, it's called Christmas Moss.

I appreciate very much your suggestion to name the moss after me
but I don't deserve such an honour.   If I had known from the beginning
what the moss can do for the defendants of the lawsuit, I would have
called it "Defense Moss".  My offer of wild Almond Leaves in return
for donations to the defense fund sank like a stone.  Only one person
wrote me for the Cattapa leaves.  Sheesh, and I was so worried when
I sent that post that I would be swamped with requests.  I wish there
is more I can do for the fund.  I know when talk about the lawsuit dies,
contributions will also come to a halt .............

Loh K L