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RE: MTS die off

Some more information on my MTS problem:

Some of the MTS on the surface are still alive.  I put them in some RO water
in the dark and they poked their little heads out.  They have been on the
surface and not moving for 1-2 weeks.  They definitely do not like something
in the water/substrate.

Never had MTS to start.  Actually asked a pet store for some.  The colony
has never really exploded.

I just measured my Potassium (K) concentration with the Aquarium Landscape
kit.  With a x20 dilution I was still exceeding the higher standard,
implying > 40 ppm.  Guess I'll stop dosing the K2SO4 for a while.

Shortly before the MTS problem arose, I bought some Tetra Nature's Delica
Whole Bloodworms (actually mosquito larvae).  Fish like em.  Lot's of other
stuff in the gel besides worms.

Tank temp is 78 F.

Joe K