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Drs Foster/Smith... my thoughts and recent experience.

i shall be brief on this topic.  i ordered some stuff from them back in 
december (i was a previous petwarehouse (the one in ohio) customer, which 
drs. foster*smith bought out).  there were a few problems with my order but 
when i called to complain, they were very courteous and solved the problems 
to my satisfaction.  the person was very friendly and chatty and ended up 
talking to me about a few other things, and that way i found out that they 
were a primarily dog/cat business that just bought out a smaller company and 
inherited the fish/small pet departments too, so they are still in the 
transition period and need some learning to do.  she also told me that they 
were in the middle of nowhere in rural wisconsin and looking for specialists 
in the aquarium trade.  so if you are looking for a job and don't mind living 
in the boondocks of wisconsin, give them a call.

i'd say, from my VERY LIMITED experience (one instance), give them a break 
for now.  they are not perfect but they are trying.  one of the problems i 
had was that they ran out of some items and didn't ship them but forgot to 
take the prices out of my bill.  after one phone call, they corrected that 
and issued credit to my CC.

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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