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MTS die off

Over the last week I have had about a dozen MTS emerge from the gravel and
stop moving.  While this sounds like death, their little trap doors still
seem tightly sealed.  My AES will clean out a dead snail shell pretty quick,
so I don't know if these guys are really dead (yet.)

I've read the archives about similar die offs and couldn't find a definitive
answer.  The only recent changes that I think could be the culprit are 1)
upping my dose of Flourish/Flourish Trace and 2) experimenting with 2 ml
Flourish Excel daily.  I went from 2 mL Flourish twice a week, to 5 ml
Flourish Trace daily plus 2 ml Flourish twice weekly.  My stargrass has
responded nicely to the increased dose, finally giving multiple sets of
leaves without black tips.  Since I do 30% weekly water changes, I have a
hard time believing that some metal is building up from the Flourish.

Anyone ever figure this one out?

54 gal tank
Prism Pendant light (175W 6500K MH plus 2 32 W Co-Flos)
KH ~4
CO2 tank with controller set to 6.8 (religiously calibrated)
5 mL Flourish Trace daily
2 mL Flourish twice a week
2 mL Flourish Excel daily (just discontinued)
5<NO3<10 ppm with 1/4 to 1/8 tsp KNO3 twice weekly
0<PO4<1 ppm with 4 grains super triple phosphate twice weekly
1/4 tsp KSO4 twice weekly
as heavily planted as possible

Joe K

MTS = Malaysian Trumpet Snail
AES = Algae Eating Shrimp