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Onyx Sand

I like the looks and texture of onyx sand, I've done 2 tanks now, a 20 with 3 bags and a 38 with 4 bags.  It's so easy to work with and holds plants real well, I guess something that seems so good, I should be real happy.  The buffering is my only complaint, the description says a slight buffering effect, I test my Kh at 6, and my Gh at 10 in a non onyx tank.  With the onyx it has a Kh of 8 and a Gh of 13.  Way more than I expected, my plants don't like it either.  So, how long will the buffering last?  What does 'over time' mean?  6 months, a year or 2?  I've got 5 more bags on the floor ready to redo my 55g tank, now I'm not sure.


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