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Re: Reducing Flow on Small Tank Filters

> Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 10:25:21 -0500
> From: Jon Wright <Jon.Wright at DropShip_Org>
> Subject: Reducing Flow on Small Tank Filters
> In addition to all of the excellent suggestions made so far as to how
> to reduce filter flow for small tanks, I have an idea that I HAVE NOT TRIED.
> Looking at the Aquaclear desgin, when the intake tube is set to the
> lowest level, the filter is recycling flow from inside the filter iteslf to
> keep the water moving the pump at a constant volume. Seems to me that if
> you increase the amount of recycled water, you will decrease the amount of
> water pulled from the tank. Couldn't you just cut out a small section of
> the intake tube where the recycled water would be entering the pump? This
> would allow the filter to pull more water from within itself, and less
> from the tank. I see some difficulty in getting the amount of tube to remove
> corect, so if you do this, go very slowly on the cutting!
> Comments?
> Jon

If you're using an Aquaclear, just pick the intake tube up slightly, so that you are moving the end of the tube farther away from the pump  This creates a larger gap allowing more water to recirculate.

Bob Ashcraft
Pittsburgh PA