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Re: Cork and terracing

Tom wrote:
"The tubes of cork can be fashioned to hide any equipment you may have in
your aquarium. Filter intakes/outputs/heaters, CO2 stuff, fish caves etc."

For all the "Amano" fans out there, this ought to be a big PLUS! If you
check the photographs in any of his books, you will never see obvious signs
of "equipment" protruding into the scene. I realize that the tanks shown in
his photos have been "groomed" and had anything obvious taken out, but ADA
does make intake and exhaust stems for cannister filters like Eheim out of
clear glass. The do this for a reason, its less obvious when in the tank and
kept clean. If you can't afford the glass tubes (they are pricey), the
obvious alternative is to hide the ones you use with something that doesn't
look so "mechanical".

In many of the aquascapes I see online, posted by hobbyists, the very
visible piping and tubing detracts from the aquascape. There are many ways
this sort of stuff can be hidden from obvious view yet remain fully

James Purchase