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Cork and terracing

For folks willing to try a fun notion:
The cork planter boxes/trays etc make GREAT terracing containers!
You can leave the natural look of the cork as the terrace or attach java
fern, Anubias etc to it _very easily_. It's much better than working with
hard driftwood. Also try making a nice box with the drift wood, it's rough.
The boxes allow you to have the same height maintained in your terrace and
it will never go flat. Something to really consider. Add flourite/onyx or
most any decent substrate mix(soil substrate folks can move these around
easy and make a nice soil mix without much hassle of removing anything from
the tank). These are big issues as it makes things much easier to design and
plan and add to an existing tank.
They also have round shaped containers-you could make a nice column of round
cylinders for a terrace.

The tubes of cork can be fashioned to hide any equipment you may have in
your aquarium. Filter intakes/outputs/heaters, CO2 stuff, fish caves etc.

They have cheap prices relative to driftwood and attachment of plants is so
easy. I use a piece of 18 gauge wire about 1" long and bend it into a U
shaped nail to attach ferns, Anubias etc very fast. 20x easier than roping
it with string or fishing line.

Tom Barr