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Re: Lamotte NO3 test kit

You can order any rtest kit, reagent or part directly from LaMotte -- 
details at lamotte.com  I too have more NO3 powder than mixed-acid. This 
usually happens with any of their test kits as they have standard sizes of 
most reagents and chemicals and make up their kits using these. Both their 
sales and tech help is very good. You can speak to tech help and they will 
tell you the exact shelf life for any item (some are 2, some are 3 years I 
think). For the mixed acid in the nitrate kit, you can order a larger size 
than comes with the kit, but save the empty plastic bottle from the kit 
since it has the dispensing spout and the larger refill doesn't.


Jared Weinberger
jared at brainyday_com