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Aquascaping idea.....

Inspiration truly can be found in here.....

Joanna Curtis posted some info about a place called www.thecorkstore.com .

I had been familiar with that company for some time, but had always bought
my cork locally. The rear interior wall of several of my aquariums have dark
cork covering them - I just used the cork tiles sold for wall coverings and
bulletin boards in packages at Canadian Tire (an aquarist's best source for
off beat solutions to common problems). It is untreated with anything and I
just used a few daubs of silicone to adhere the tiles in place before I set
up the tanks. Can be made to look really good, and moss and anubias adhere
to it readily (i.e. the living wall concept).

I had also seen rough cork sheets that looked like actual bark a few times
(pressed flat), but it was usually priced very high in petstores. The Cork
Store looks like a source that is more reasonable in price. A rear wall made
from either all rough cork bark or a combination of cork tile and cork bark
would probably look absolutely awesome.

You could also, if you liked, attach a few pieces of driftwood to the cork
(with some more silicone) and half coconut shells can readily be glued into
place to act as caves. A few minutes with a Dremel tool or a file can make a
freshly cut coconut shell look like it has been underwater for 30 years.

The Cork Store also sells cork tubes which could easily be cut into
sections, siliconed to a small piece of slate, and then used as "planters"
to contain specimen plants or many other uses inside your tank.

Cork can easily be attached to strips of plate glass which can be used to
act as "retaining walls" within a substrate, giving you different levels
within the tank. The natural dark brown color of cork blends in perfectly
with Seachem's Flourite.

Bamboo is another possible addition.

Lots and lots of possibilities......

James Purchase