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Re:problem with water (was APD V4 #1679)

Ron Barter wrote:

>     I dont think you have any problem. The difference in your two pH
> readings is a result of the CO2 in solution in your pressurized water main
> escaping from the standing water that is now under lower pressure. That's
> what all those bubbles are that appear on the walls of an aquarium filled
> with fresh tap water.

This is very interesting, though I did not post the original message. I
have often wondered if there is excess CO2 in my tap water because of
the extra pressure causing more CO2 to be dissolved in water. I live on
the West Coast of Canada, and it seems that we have the same effect
here. Often after doing a partial water change, I would notice the
plants percolating a bit more, which is different from the normal
bubbling due to gassing of CO2. More CO2 suddenly available to plants?
Is this common everywhere, or just the Canadian brand of bubbly? :)

Ed Dumas