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RE: Charging for shipped items

>I thought it was illegal, certainly improper, for a vendor to charge
>someone's credit card before an item is given to a shipping transporter
>(USPS, UPS, etc.).

This one I can answer! :) As I work for a retailer who does a large amount
of mail order business, I can tell you that it is not illegal to charge for
an item before it is shipped. Most (at least most reputable) mail order
houses do not charge until the item(s) are "confirmed shippable," that is,
the item has been taken out of stock and assigned to be shipped to you. This
protects the shipper from credit card fraud- he can verify that the charge
card number is valid and chargeable before the item actually leaves the
warehouse. I would also add that anyone who charges a customer -before- they
are sure the item is physically available to ship out (inventory mistakes do
happen), is not providing the best customer service possible.


Make up the rules as you go along.

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