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Re: Re: Snails

Ed Dumas asked:

> I would like to politely ask why you want to get rid of them? I have
> kept fish-only tanks for years, and have always considered them a
> pest,
> and nuisance. This was mostly because they would eat eggs of fish
> that I
> was trying to breed. Even if I wasn't breeding fish at the moment, I
> always thought of them as an eye-sore. Now that I am into planted
> tanks,
> I realize that snails have a valuable function in my tank, and that I
> actually want them present.

One reason for want them gone is that the little buggers can get into
almost any part of yor system when they are small -- filters,
overflows, skimmers, biowheels, motor rotors.  They are inocuous in
some places but mechanical obstructions in others.  When I tired of
cleaing out my the blockage in my skimmer several times a day, I
obtained clown loaches for a preemptive strike.  They did not work
immediately but they did work thoroughly.

Some people just don't like the look of them.

Scott H.

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