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Re: Indian Red versus Red Rubin

>>I recently bought some plants sold to me as indian red.  After a couple of
weeks in my tank, the new growth looks like red rubin. What should I be
looking for to make sure I have indian red and not a red rubin?<<

Both are cultivars. The red rubin has elongated leaves that grow straight up
from the crown. The submersed growth of a red rubin has reddish leaves with
very pronounced yellow veins. The indian red submersed can have a leaf shape
similur to Red rubin, as well as more oval shaped, but the biggest
difference is the coloring. When an Indian red loses its emersed growth, the
leaf loses ALL of its green pigmentation and becomes paper thin. The color
is a solid bronze red with usually no visable or pronounced veins. For
emersed growth, these plants look very much alike, mostly green with thick
fleshy leaves.

Robert Paul Hudson