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RE: Grapevine and Drs. FosterandSmith

Paul Said:
> I think. however, she and the company are working with a system 
> that is not anywhere close to being up to speed. Like it or not, 
> we live in the days of Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble online 
> ordering.

Very common in the world of the internet.  Many companies want to
jump on the band wagon to start making more money by selling online
additional to how they were selling before.  And that's all good.  
The problem is some of them don't know how or aren't prepared to
do it.  What makes Amazon and B&N so successful is because they've 
been researching how to sell and service on the internet.

Some businesses think that putting up a website is all it takes
to sell their stuff online.  Pretty common thinking with all the
clients I deal with.  They have to think about marketing it and
connecting their inventory system to it or creating a seperate 
inventory system to just track online sales.

Needless to say though, some people just should be doing business
period. lol  I've been to companies and seen their accounting
and inventory systems and think, "You've been in business for how 
long again?  I'm surprised you made it past last month."

Unfortunately the "it might not be possible to cancel the order
cause it's already invoiced" is a valid thing.  It would be cheaper
to have you refuse the order and then credit you back the money
later.  This happens because:

1.  Their whole invoicing system is wacked.  They may still be
    on paper invoicing (Which is stupid, they should have it
    both on paper and computer) and getting someone to go through
    thousands of invoices will cost a lot more money.

2.  This is more likely. They ran out of stock on the item and 
    they ordered it from their distributor and either had it
    sent directly to you or they'll just funnel it right back 
    in the shipping department right when it comes in to get
    it out to you faster and cause less paper work.

But yeh, some companies do mess up once or twice. :)  Just don't
be too discourage to give them another chance if it's just a one
time thing or be afraid to order from another online store. :)

Dang it.  I didn't mean to write something so long not about Plants
or aquaria.  Sorry!  But it sorta did, I just had to go back and
erase a bunch of stuff that was way too obvious. *laugh*