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>Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 07:44:21 -0700
>From: Joanna Curtis <joanna.curtis at shaw_ca>
>Subject: Shipping plants to cold climates

>Don't worry about it folks.  The venerable Loh Kwek Leong in Singapore has
>sent me a couple of packages recently, with different things and they all
>arrived just fine.

So now I've gone from great to venerable.  Awww, thanks.  I'm a sucker
for flattering emails so here I go again..........

Joanna asked me the other day if I can find wild Almond leaves in
Singapore.  I didn't know what they were until she pointed me to this


They are known locally as Cattapa leaves.  Supposedly, they are Asia's
best kept secret as far as keeping fish healthy is concerned.  If your fish
are sick and they are not breeding like they should, just throw a Cattapa
leaf into your tank.  And if you yourself is feeling a bit "under the weather"
recently from all this talk of lawsuits and all, a tea made from the leaves of
the Cattapa can put the "zing" back in you in no time.  It may even work
wonders for your libido.  Hey, who needs Viagra when you can have Cattapa.

I haven't got round to looking for the Cattapa tree yet but my friend says
the leaves are practically just lying all over the place where the trees can
be found.  Going by the prices posted on the website, I could easily be
a millionaire just selling Cattapa leaves.  But like good ole James Purchase
{whom, by the way, I didn't know was human until recently :)}, [Redacted]
  So tell you
what, I
will give the leaves to you for free.  I will even pay for postage.  

This email is not a hoax.  Well, maybe I exaggerated a bit about the
medicinal qualities of the Cattapa leaves but my offer is real.  I hope
some of the folks who have got the christmas moss from me will attest
to that.  Thank you.

Loh K L

PS* Walter Wu who lives in the US of A has this signature in his emails
which I think is appropiate to addressing the issue [Redacted]

"Don't try to argue with an idiot.  They will only lower you to their
level and beat you through experience."