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Re: Drs. Smith and Foster

I have mail ordered with most of the large MO companies over the years and 
spent thousands. I have had the occaisional incident with each of them, 
meaning wrong product, broken product, spilled product, etc. All of them can 
mess up once in a while.  What sets one apart from the other is how they 
handle the issue at hand. Big Als, Pet Warehouse (Drs. Smith and Foster), 
Champion Lighting, That Pet Place, and Pet Solutions have always resolved any 
issues with me to my complete satisfaction.

I'll gladly do business with a MO company again after a problem if they take 
care of me, the customer. If they don't, I take my money and walk away.

In the case of some companies, I'll take my money, run like heck and bury it 
in the back yard, as they will never see any of my hobby dollars in my 


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