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Re: Dr.s Foster and Smith

> Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 12:40:48 -0800 (PST)
> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: Dr.s Foster and Smith
> I have tried them more than once and been dissatisfied.  Of course,
> just a few incidents doesn't entail a trend.  Still, I, too, long for
> PETWAREHOUSE.COM (No S), a company earned my trust.  
> I don't see any of the Petwarehouse.com's operation in the 
> company that
> apparently bought its name.  I can't honestly say that I trust the
> Dr.s.  I expect them to shave or bend the truth if it they think it
> will help them.  
> So I moved them from my list of stores that I will use. 
> Scott H.

I haven't shopped from Dr. F&S yet.  I was, but the product I wanted
to get, they were on Backorder which was cool.  They had it listed
right there on their page so I knew that I would have to wait.

However, I went to thatpetplace.com instead and ordered it from there.
I stuck in my order and tracked it all the way to my door.  No problems 
with them.

Flying Fish Express.  Now that's service!  I ordered two Retro fits
for the Eclipse 12.  First they worked with me to replace the bulb
in the kit.  (From Atunic/daylight to a full daylight bulb).  They
charged me $5 to do the switch which was fine with me. :)  They called
back the next day to tell me they they only had one left but can get the
other next week and wanted to know whether or not I wanted to wait for
both or they can send one now and the other next week.

Great service and very knowledgable people there. :) And they were 
very professional and very nice people.  I worked with two different
people there and they got their act together.

So everytime I need something that I need to order from the net, the
will be the two I check with first. :)

If I want plants, I'd go to Robert at Aqua Botanic.  I haven't yet to
buy plants from him since I have gotten my plants from Greg. lol He
has no shortage of plants.  If he does, I just wait till his next 
trimming. ;) But I've seen Greg order with Robert and he's been nothing
but great. :)