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Blyxa aubertii and Onyx sand

I set up a new tank with Onyx sand and R/O water 2 months ago.  I left
in the mulm from a previous setup and used a dirty filter during setup. 
So, the first report is positive on this method - NO ALGAE.

Also most of the plants are doing great, but not Blyxa aubertii.  It
lost all its long leaves that it had when I bought it (about 9 inches
long) and put out some sickly looking short leaves about 4 inches long. 
There is some algae on the leaves and since there is no alage anywhere
else, I know it's because these are not happy leaves.

The tanks parameters:
pH 6.8
KH 6
GH 11
NO3 10ppm
K - I add it via K2SO4 and KNO3 after once/week water changes; who
knows the K levels

Fe  0.15ppm

PO4   0.5ppm after adding Discus buffer after water changes; this tank
has very low PO4 normally (low animal load) - I add the PO4 for another
picky plant, Eusteralis stellata, which gets sickly and too "pink" (I
know some of you like this color, it looks wrong to me) w/out PO4

So, is the problem the high GH?  It's impossible so far to get it down.
 I would have to  water changes 2x/week and that's not practical with
R/O water.  (Why am I using R/O?  Because I live in Davis, CA where the
water is 1000ppm salts and w/lots of Boron, which plants generally

Will the Blyxa never do well in these conditions?
Will the Onyx finally stop giving off salts eventually?  It's buffering
capabilities are impressive.  Perhaps Greg Morin can comment on this.

Thanks,  Roxanne Bittman