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Re: Dr.s Foster and Smith

Paulio629 at aol_com said:

> Makes you long for the days of pet warehouse ( NO "S").

> Order in the AM tracking number and confirmation in your email by
> afternoon. 
> I have had much the same experience with them on a few orders now. I
> have 
> started to order from thatpetplace.com now.

I have tried them more than once and been dissatisfied.  Of course,
just a few incidents doesn't entail a trend.  Still, I, too, long for
PETWAREHOUSE.COM (No S), a company earned my trust.  

I don't see any of the Petwarehouse.com's operation in the company that
apparently bought its name.  I can't honestly say that I trust the
Dr.s.  I expect them to shave or bend the truth if it they think it
will help them.  

So I moved them from my list of stores that I will use. 

Scott H.

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