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CO2 bubble rate related to flow rate( mL/min)

Maybe my data is better than my memory.

Meter Setting     Flow Rate     *Time for 100 bubbles     Bub. rate
10                3.11 mL/min     127 s                   0.787 per sec
40                12.43            52                     1.923
60                18.65            32                     3.125


*Average of 10 runs.

Cole Parmer Flow Meter P-03266-02 has max flow of 20.2 mL/min for CO2
Meter is gradated 0 to 65
Meter setting:  gradation touched by bottom of ball in flow tube.

Regulator pressure 15 psi.
Doubling pressure ~ doubles flow meter reading.
Outlet:  1 meter of 3/16 ID tubing, submerged in 10 cm of water.

Not linear?  Extrapolate flow at 1 bubble/sec to be 4.0 mL/min from first
data point, but ~ 6 mL/min for higher flow rate data.

Joe K in Maryland
blooming: Ranuculus ficaria, various corydalis
a few drops o rain