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Re: Snail reduction under special curcumstances

Alan Kaufmann asked:

> Does anyone have a suggestion regarding how to reduce the snail load in a tank that has many expensive Amano shrimp in >it?

Trap them using a fish trap (or even your fish net - they won't swim too
fast for you!). Place some algae wafers in the trap, give them an hour
or two to find it, and pull out the trap, snails and all. You can make a
trap by cutting of the top of a 2 litre pop bottle, remove the cap, and
invert it into the rest of the bottle. You may have to attach the pieces
together with fishing line. Watch to see you if you have a lot of fish
going after your algae pellets. If you do, you may have to punch holes
in the sides of the trap so they don't suffocate.

Next question, what do you do with lots of extra snails? Have fun!