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Reducing Flow on Small Tank Filters

In addition to all of the excellent suggestions made so far as to how
to reduce filter flow for small tanks, I have an idea that I HAVE NOT TRIED.
Looking at the Aquaclear desgin, when the intake tube is set to the 
lowest level, the filter is recycling flow from inside the filter iteslf to
keep the water moving the pump at a constant volume. Seems to me that if
you increase the amount of recycled water, you will decrease the amount of
water pulled from the tank. Couldn't you just cut out a small section of
the intake tube where the recycled water would be entering the pump? This 
would allow the filter to pull more water from within itself, and less 
from the tank. I see some difficulty in getting the amount of tube to remove
corect, so if you do this, go very slowly on the cutting!