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Re:Tiny Tank Filtration

>Anthony Baker wrote:
>Anyhow, Naomi hinted at ways to reduce the flow of the filter, and I would
>certainly be interested in hearing more about them! I have an AC Mini
>running on my 5.5 gal kitchen tank, and would love to reduce the flow (and
>surface agitation) of it, so I might try to do both filters at once. I
>would definitely appreciate suggestions.
What I did with my penguin is staple a little piece of filter floss (quilt 
batting) to the inside lip of the outlet.  It doesn't reduce the flow rate, 
but it slow the speed of the water going back to the tank.  I never had AC 
mini, from the look of it, staple won't work.  Since penguin is make of 
black somewhat flexible plastic.  You can silicone or try hot glue the 
filter floss.  Cut a piece of floss about 2-3 inches wide and the length of 
your filter outlet.  Glue it on somehow.  Run the filter, then cut the 
floss back to adjust for flow/surface agitation.