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CO2 Reactor idea, DIY CO2 Recipe suggestions, Potassium dosing, carbon and planted aqauria

Hello folks I have some questions to ask the list, Obviously I don't expect
one person to answer them all but if you do I'll send you an
E-Beer for the trouble.

1) I'm using a DIY yeast system and what I want to know is; How many bubbles
per second should I target for a 80 gallon tank fairly heavily planted. I
know that bubble size is variable but I'm just looking for a target to

    1a) With an 80 gallon tank should I be using 2' 2 litre bottles?
    1b) This is the recipe I have been using for 1 2 litre bottle.
            2000mls (8.5 cups) Water
            1000mls (4.2cups) Sugar
                 20mls (4tsp.)  bakers yeast
                 20mls (4tsp.) baking soda
            Should this be okay for one bottle? Would two bottles combined
be enough for 80 gallon?
            Changing the second (older bottle) every two weeks?
      1c) I just bought this cheapo Tetra check valve today because twice
(yes I'm a bozo) when I
            have been changing the bottle I just walked away only to come
back and find a few gallons
            of aquarium water siphoned onto the floor. Is this valve okay to
be using? Yes when I get more$$$
            I will be investing into a real Co2 system but for now this has
to do. I'm a working artist so I'm not rich ;)
            The Co2 still seems to be coming out at an okay rate.

2) I just bought a Fluval 404. I did not insert the carbon packs becuase I'm
worried about it filtering all the plant nutrients out. Is this something I
should be concerened with. If so what can I use instead of carbon that will
not take out my plant nutrients.

3) Flourish Potassium - How often should I be adding this? It seems there is
no way to test these levels. Is there great danger of overdosing?

4)  Now here is my last question? I have been reading all this stuff about
reactors and stuff for Co2. I was injecting it into my Magnum 350 but now I
have stopped using that and I'm using the Fluval 404 (I really hope the
Fluval works better than the Magnum 350 as I wasn't overly happy with it. Is

    I had this idea tonight which may or may not be a great idea but so far
I'm thinking it would work. I wanted to ask some if you on this list what
you think.

    I'm thinking that hey I have a few of those bio-max ceramic pellets left
over from the new Fluval Media Pack. I decided tonight I was going to inject
the CO2 into the uplift tube from my UGF to the power head and then this
idea dawned on me.

    If I used those uplift tube connectors (small sleeve to connect two
tubes together) and I cut a small section of tube say 4"-5" and used two
connecters, one at the bottom and one at the top of this 4" tube. Then I
silicone (epoxy) a small plastic grate into the top connector and the bottom
connector. Could I not fill this 4"-5" tube with those biomax ceramic rings
and then reconnect them to the uplift tube and replace the power head at the
top. Then continue to inject the CO2 at the bottom of the uplift tube. The
bubble(s) would have to travel (with the water) through this short 4" column
of biomax ceramic rings before they reached the impeller in the power head.

    Would this not be a fairly functional and workable way to help diffuse
the Co2 into the water? Any ideas? Suggestions on how I could improve this
idea? Any ideas as to why it wouldn't work?

    Finally - This list is great and I have learned alot by just lurking
here these past few weeks. Thanks alot folks,