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RE: Tiny tank filtration

In a message dated 03/08/2002 1:31:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Anthony Baker writes:

<One thing I thought of doing was glue on a "channel" to take the 
> water that would normally overflow back into the tank surface and 
> get it to go into some 5/8" tubing and release it under the water's 
> surface (or at the bottom of the tank).  Anyone ever try this?  I 
> have some designs in my head, but would love to know if anyone has 
> ever done it.>

 I have done exactly that for my AC 250 on a 10 gal and an AC mini on my 5 
gal., except I used PVC tubing. I took a 6" to 8" piece of 1" PVC and glued a 
cap on each end, then cut out the top to look ...... well, ...... kind of 
like a canoe. I then drilled multiple 1/4" holes in the bottom and the ends. 
The tube is attached to the tank not the filter. I fabricated brackets from 
stainless steel to support the tube under the filter discharge. The brackets 
are secured to the tube with SS screws to prevent it from shifting. The 
result was zero flow restriction, but almost zero surface agitation. If you 
want, mail me off line I'll be happy to send you pictures of my diffuser, so 
you can make one. If your not that handy (no disrespect, of course), and you 
like the design, I'd be happy to make on for you. It would cost about $2.00 
in material + S&H and my labor would of course be free. But, if you were to, 
...... how do I say, ...... [Redacted]...... I'd be more than happy to send you 
one for free (shipping included). This would also apply to anyone else on 
this list that might be interested.

Paul J. Hennessy
From Sunny Philadelphia ...... NO Rain ...... NO Winter ...... What the 
...... ?

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