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Re: Defamation 101


James, you hit that one right on the head!

 I own a small Heating and Air Conditioning company in Philadelphia. I (like 
Bob) have had disgruntled customers, it comes with the territory. I do my 
best to perform a top quality job at a reasonable price. Sometimes 
misunderstandings or difficulties in a customer/contractor (seller) 
relationships can occur, and my solution has always been to stand on my head 
if it will make someone happy. There have been a couple of occasions where 
I've lost money, because it meant pleasing the customer. I found that taking 
a small hit in the wallet usually pays off down the road in the form of 
future recommendations or sales. I have gained more business by word of mouth 
than advertising has ever done. I've found there is a very important rule to 
be successful in business and that is; 

"If you make a customer happy they will recommend you to SOMEONE, 
but if you if you screw (or sue, I guess?) your customer they will tell 
EVERYONE they know!" 

(Just my $0.02)

Paul J. Hennessy
From Sunny Philadelphia ...... NO Rain ...... NO Winter ...... What the 
...... ?
APD Defense Fund at

PS     A couple of lines by James Purchase that are well worth reading again 

<<< I, and everyone else here, have my own personal opinion of you, based 
what has transpired over the past months. You can rant and rave and threaten
all you like - that's not likely to change my opinion about you. If you want
people to like you, respect you, stop taking verbal swings at you, may I
respectfully suggest that you sit down, shut up, and actually THINK before
you start swinging your legal bat?

I do not condone anyone making false statements or infringing on someone's
rights via any media. My sole "professional" contact with you, while not
completely satisfactory, was not irksome enough for me to cause a fuss or
complain about. However, the impression I have formed about you and your
company over these past several months has been based upon what I have read
which you have written yourself or which has been written by your employees.
I am afraid to say that the impression I have is not a good one and that YOU
are totally responsible for the depth of my scorn and contempt. I have NOT
been influenced by what other people have had to say about you, either here
or elsewhere - it is ENTIRELY based upon your reactions to those comments.

Nobody likes a bully. Nobody respects a bully. You should also probably know
that it is highly unlikely that any of us are afraid of you.>>>

-------------------------------------------Way to go