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Snails and Loaches

>Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 10:45:14 -0600
>From: "Ron" <rondu at mindspring_com>
>Subject: Re: Snails
>It has been my experience that snail colonies depend on how you feed.  If
>you are a heavy feeder, the colony will explode.  If you are a light
>feeder you will just maintain your colony. For best results with snails
>the water should be on the alkaline side. This can be accomplished with
>some crushed oyster shell in the filter which will nalso help to keep
>your KH it the proper range.
>Hope this helps
>Ron Dubbs

As I said, I had 2 clown loaches completely clean a tank of MTS. I never
ever saw them actually eat them, but my substrate in this tank is sand
over peat plates. The snails completely disappeared, I never found any
shells, and as the sand is fairly impenetrable, I don't think they slipped
anywhere unnoticed. This included adult snails, which, while not as big as
those Apple Snails or whatever those monsters are sold comercially, they
were still a  lot bigger than the loaches mouths. I don't know if they
crush them, but the shells are nowhere to be found and as I said, I had
hundreds of them.

       Gerry Skau

       In warm cloudy Michigan, where this reply was produced WITHOUT
       using "The 'idiot' s Guide To Forum Posting"