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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1674

RN Wrote:
> Also this exemplifies how this list needs to setup up a new 
> policy of what is and is not permitted herein.

I will have to disagree with you here Robert.  There are thousands
of listservs out there with their own rules.  Some are moderate to
the tee, some are partially moderated and some are not moderated.

Are you going to go through every single list out there and tell
them how to run their lists?  As far as I'm concerned, this list
is administered by a listmom and she would be the one to set the
rules to this listserv.  This isn't a democracy (Unless Listmom
decides to make it so).  This is a listserv that invites people to 
participate under the rules set, whatever they may be.

No one has forced them to make this choice.  They can leave any
time they want if they are not happy with the rules or the topics
being discussed.  They can setup their own listserv if they want
as well and create their own community to talk about plants and
aqua setup.

Either way, no one forces anyone to be here.  Even you.  Yes,
you.  You don't have to post here but you still do and no one
shuts you up.

I raise a glass to the listmom for tolerating you even after
all that you've put her through.

RN Wrote:
> Perhaps instead of playing tit for tat with the supporters of 
> our position, yes there are several that contact us off list.

And your point being?  I don't think anyone here would crucify
anyone who would support you (Not to mention crucifixion has been
out of style for ages now).  After all, it's their opinion and
they are entitled to it.  They will get to voice it here as 
everyone else has been able to voice their opinions and best of
all, we won't sue them for it either.  I have to say, you're a
pretty good role model for the rest of us youngens.

RN Wrote:
> After all most people can see through the bias.

As will most of the defendant supporters would also think about 
your supporters and your efforts.

RN Wrote:
> Suggested Posting Guidelines. You agree that you are 
> responsible for your own communications and for any 
> consequences thereof. You agree to use the Groups only to 
> send and receive messages and material that are legal, proper
> and related to the aquarium hobby. By way of example, and not
> as a limitation, you agree that when using this forum, you 
> will not:

Are you kidding? Let's take a look here:

RN Wrote:
> *	Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise 
> violate the legal rights of others.

Well, let's put a check mark by your name.

RN Wrote:
> *	Conduct surveys.

I believe you are conducting one right now.

RN Wrote:
> *	Restrict or inhibit any other user from using and 
> enjoying this forum.

You get a big cookie! Aweeee... you're such a cookie monster.

Not bad.  3 out of 9.

James Purchase Wrote:
> Nobody likes a bully. Nobody respects a bully. You should 
> also probably know
> that it is highly unlikely that any of us are afraid of you.

This reminds me of something I heard in a movie.

"One time in this village, there was this mean tempered bull.  
The villagers were afraid of this bull because he would always
chase the children, chase women going shopping, farmers...
everybody.  Then one day.  Big festival. Everybody happy."

:)  Now, you maybe thinking what this has to do with anything.
Well, that day, bad bull become good soup.

Now for something completely on topic.

Has anyone have yet tried out the CO2 Fizz Factory by Jungle
Labs?  I go it a day ago and installed it in my 12 gallon.

The CO2 bell is long and big so just a warning it takes up
some space.

Anyone who used it seen any good effects out of it?  I want to
write a review on it later but I want to know what others
experienced with it.

It's still too soon to know how it's affecting my tank.