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The easy way to bleach Magnum micron filters

When I realized that I was going to be bleaching micron filters every week for years to come I developed a system to make it as easy as possible.

I searched around until I found cylindrical containers of translucent plastic with screw-on tops that were big enough to hold a micron filter, but not much bigger.  The ones I settled on are actually only half-round on the lower part with the other half being sort of squared off to allow the container to be more easily gripped.  The cartridge just fits into it.  These containers were "free" gifts when you bought the low quality roll of plastic garbage bags stuffed inside.

I took the container, inserted the cartridge, and filled it with water until it just covered the top of the filter.  Removing the filter I then measured the amount of water, divided by 5, and returned that amount to the container.  Noting the level of the water I took a marker and drew a line around the container at that point.

To use I simply fill the container to the line with bleach, insert the filter, and gently fill with water until it covers the filter.  I can use this solution 3-4 times before it is exhausted.

I am running three Magnum 350s.  I have three bleach containers.  I have nine filter cartridges.  Usually I have one filter per Magnum in the Magnum, one in the bleach container, and one ready to use.  I often just leave the filter in the bleach until I am ready to clean the next one.  They are amazingly tough.  I only have to get new filters every two or three years.  Of course, I could get away with only six filters, but I am lazy.

Hope this helps someone.


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