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RE: lace plant experiments

After you're in the hobby for a while, the true nature of the plants reveals
itself: some of them are nothing but weeds, others are finicky as heck.
The trick is to know which is which.
> I salute your courage!  I have trouble giving my Java moss a rigorous
> trimming.
> Joe K

Well, I DO like the plant and didn't want to part with (all of) it. But
instead of a valuable, territorial, smelly tomcat, I wanted a cute little
kitten! Sure, I could have sold the whole thing to a store for a few $$, but
that would have meant losing the plant.
I have not seen another lace plant in the stores here for years, and I would
guess that mine is a particularly "easy" variety. No rest periods, tolerates
hard water, high temperatures (summer at 80), and impossible to destroy
(within reason).

For now, I am keeping all the bits 'cept one, just to make sure they are
coming through this alright. Then it's a matter of shipping to the US (I'm
in Canada) and the status of the defence fund.

By the way, the "complaint" had nothing to do with having a big plant, but
rather with not having anymore aquascaping options. It was filling 2/3 of my
biggest tank!


> Your complaint sounds a bit like a local person who insisted upon
> having my
> Veterinarian Neuter his healthy MALE Calico cat.   As the Vet
> said, "People
> complain about the darndest things.  Yes, I DID try my best to
> dissuade him,
> explaining that a fertile MALE Calico Cat would be an extremely valuable
> animal, but they insisted on the Neutering.  And, since Cats are
> defined as
> "property," they had that right.  Ya never know, though, about the things
> folks complain about."
> How much will you charge for "starts" of your monster?  I would
> like to be
> afflicted with it!!!!!
> Jean