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RE: Tiny tank filtration

Thanks to all who responded to my query about filtration on a tiny 
tank (~2 gal).

I had a very lucky night last night at my fish club, and won a 
raffle for an Aquaclear Mini!! (Plus the 50/50 raffle!)

Anyhow, Naomi hinted at ways to reduce the flow of the filter, and I 
would certainly be interested in hearing more about them!  I have an 
AC Mini running on my 5.5 gal kitchen tank, and would love to reduce 
the flow (and surface agitation) of it, so I might try to do both 
filters at once.  I would definitely appreciate suggestions.  

One thing I thought of doing was glue on a "channel" to take the 
water that would normally overflow back into the tank surface and 
get it to go into some 5/8" tubing and release it under the water's 
surface (or at the bottom of the tank).  Anyone ever try this?  I 
have some designs in my head, but would love to know if anyone has 
ever done it.

Would standard PVC solvent/glue "bond" to the plastic that the AC 
mini is constructed out of?

TIA for the help!

Oh, and I learned an important lesson -- don't design an overly 
efficient CO2 reactor for a 10g tank -- the one I just built works 
so well that I lost 6 ghost shrimp!  But, the neons and glow-lites 
really seems to love the lower pH...

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