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Re: FREE BEER.....

Matt Wassenhove at Wass29 at qconline_com wrote:

> Hi is everyone awake now.  Does anyone have pictures of their CO2 setup
> (under the tank, or on top of, were it's all connected) I am looking for
> some ideas an how to keep my cat's from knocking it over and still have it
> look nice. I would be very thankful if anyone had some if they could email
> them too me.  I know you are thinking it is just a tank with the regulator
> then the needle then it goes to the tank how boring right... Well I have
> never done it so I want to know how it could look, if it's so awful and ugly
> looking I need to make a curtain or something so I can hide the eye sore or
> if I should light it so everyone can see the beauty that is held within like
> a piece of art.  Thanks again to all who send me something I appreciate it
> Matt W.

I don't have any pictures so I'll paint one for you with prose. ;)  I have a
5 lb tank with dual guage regulator and metering valve. The metering valve
is "L" shaped and is fitted to regulator's output, which comes off the
bottom of the regulator. I set the CO2 cylinder on the lower shelf of my
metal aquarium stand and strap it to the rear right leg with black
electrical tie straps. (These are very strong, cheap, and abundant, so when
it's time to refill I just cut them.) Then I put either a potted plant in
front of it, or a metal cat statue, depending on time of the year (potted
plant goes outside in warm weather). You can still see a little bit of the
tank valve and regulator either way, but not enough to make my wife

I'll take a pale ale, please.

Dan Dixon