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RE: Emersed Growth Experiment

I didn't know you could get R. rotundifolia to grow emersed... In my
tank, when it hits the surface, it just bends over and stays underwater.
My Pennywort does the same thing. Is there a knack to growing these out
of water?

BTW, re the mangroves, just keep this in mind: in the wild these _trees_
grow 30+ feet tall. Think that'll fit in your living room? ;-) Bonsai
techniques might work. Trim them when they get too big, and prune the
roots once a year (or more--do it whenever they start getting
root-bound). If you lop off the crown occasionally, it will throw out
more side shoots and get less spindly. :-)


> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 21:30:53 -0800 (PST)
> From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Emersed Growth Experiment
> A couple days ago, I set up a ten gallon terrarium in
> a spare room.  The tank has leaked and I haven't fixed
> it yet.  It has a 2 inch or so layer of very wet
> potting soil that I watered with Flourish, kno3, and
> potasium phosphate enriched tapwater.  I placed some
> Shinnersia rivularis, Rotala macrandra, R.
> rotundifolia, and a stem of Limnophila.  I'm not sure
> I expect that last one to adjust, but I'm hoping the
> others will.  The Shinnersia is already showing some
> sign of growth.  A stem in my 30 has grown out a hole
> and is growing but slowly (as opposed to its rampant
> submersed growth).  
> The rotundifolia doesn't look so hot.  Looks almost
> stunted, but it may come around.  I may try some micro
> tenellus.    
> I'm doing this for a three reasons.  One is just to
> see how plants I'm already familiar with look emersed.
> I'd also like to get them to flower so I can get
> credit for my club's AHAP program (credit equal to
> vegetative propagation).  It would be neat to possibly
> get some sexual propagation going as well (for the
> plants).  
> Any suggestions?  I  think the window it is most
> exposed to is a North one.  Some West too.  I have
> entertained the idea of running a yeast co2 line in.
> This should be neat.  Especially for flowering crypts,
> although I know nothing about their ability to go from
> submersed (as I would likely get them) to emersed.
> Thanks, Cavan

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