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> ting the 55G recently in hopes of trying to photograph the
> finished product.  I assumed the appearance of BBA was caused by the
> disturbance of the gravel. (the aquarium has been established for about 6 -
> 7 years.)  I've researched the archives and The Krib and have only managed
> to confuse myself.  I now need someone to take me by the hand and say "do
> this..." !! ;-)
> I purchased a LaMotte Freshwater Aquaculture Test Kit that enables me to
> test for ph, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, alkalinity, carbon dioxide,
> chloride, hardness and dissolved oxygen. The following are the parameters
> for my tank.

You went all out.

> Aquarium: 55gallon
> Lighting: 1x36w Sylvania Aquastar 10,000K and 2x55w CF for 10 hours (timer).
> CO2 with Eheim diffuser 24/7

There it is.
Not the steadiest method. Clean often and place in a deep dark location.

> Filter: Eheim wet/dry canister
> aquarium ph: 6.0

Water is too soft and you cannot maintain proper CO2 levels.
Raise alkalinity to 70ppm using baking soda. adjust pH to 6.6-6.7 throughout
your photoperoid.
My guess is that you tested this in the morning.

> tap water ph: 7.0
> Ammonia Nitrogen(NH3-N): less than 0.2 ppm
> Nitrite Nitrogen(NO2-N): less than .05 ppm
> CO2: 45ppm
> tap water CO2: 5ppm
> Alkalinity(CaCO3): less than 20ppm
> Hardness(CaCO3): 15ppm

Too soft of water will cause this.
I often see this in RO water tanks(folks with little to no buffering intheir
water(KH & GH).
Add SeaChem's equilibrium for GH or make your own(CaNO3 is an option if you
also need NO3) using MgSO4 and CaCO3 powder or CaCL2. I think CaNO3 is the
best option for you+ MgSO4. Baking soda for the other(KH).
Plants don't like pure water. CO2 is difficult to control also.
KH- 3 or higher
GH- 3 or higher
Clean the diffuser monthly.
Tom Barr  

> I would appreciate receiving advice regarding how to eradicate the BBA. TIA.
> I eagerly await your help.
> mike